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Getting Approved for a Credit Card

The actual process of applying for a credit card is very simple. So easy it can be done in less than 10 minutes. Pretty much all that it requires is that you provide you basic information and sending in the application with one click. However, actually getting approved for a credit card requires a ...

7 Things Everyone Should Know About Credit Cards

Having credit is an important part of life. Having good credit allows you to purchase cars, buy houses, rent apartments, and take out loans. It can even affect your career prospects. Many companies run credit checks on prospective employees. When you are starting off building your credit history, ...

What is a Balance Transfer, and Should I Do One?

At one point or another, most people who have a credit card, have not been thrilled by their statement.  Once you start seeing higher balances, you become aware of the long-term cost of credit card debt if it's not paid off each month. You could make the minimum payment each month on a credit card, ...

How to Choose the Right Credit Card

Credit cards are popular for several reasons. Cardholders can make purchases from a source that's not linked to their personal bank account and be rewarded for these transactions. There are many credit card companies, each offering a variety of credit card programs. With each company and particular ...

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